Tuesday, 16 January 2007

comScore December U.S. Search Engine Rankings

comScore has just released it's December U.S. Search Engine Ranking figures. The main points of interest are:

  1. The total number of U.S. searches in December was 6.7 billion
  2. Google sites increased by 0.4% since November, up from 46.9% to 47.3%
  3. Yahoo sites increased by 0.3% since November, up from 28.2% to 28.5%
  4. Microsoft, Ask and Time Warner sites all went down, with the biggest drop being for Microsoft, which dropped 0.5%, from 11.0% to 10.5%.
Thus, it seems Microsoft's efforts to be a serious player in the search engine world are just not working.

Some other interesting stats:
  • In December, Americans carried out 1,195 Google searches per second! That's the equivalent of 1 search every 0.00084 seconds (approximately!) .
  • In December, Americans carried out 709 Yahoo searches per second, which is 1 search every 0.0014 seconds.
  • In December, Americans carried out a mere 266 Microsoft/MSN searches per second, or 1 search every 0.0038 seconds
  • In comparison, McDonald's serves approximately 544 customers worldwide per second, that's 1 customer every 0.00184 seconds.
At the time of writing, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the U.S. population at 300,981,361. Thus, for December:
  • On average, each and every U.S. citizen did roughly 10.6 searches on Google
  • On average, each U.S. citizen seached on Google every 70 hours.
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