Wednesday, 6 December 2006

New AdWords Functionality

According to a couple of threads on, Google is planning at least a couple of new features.

Displaying Quality Score
Someone is quoted as having been invited by Google to "beta test the Quality Score Column in AdGroup Detail." If that report is true, it would certainly be a welcome addition as several people have requested such a feature.

Predicted Average CPC Bid
According to the author of PPC Blog, Google is "looking at introducing a[] predicted average CPC bid alongside the Max CPC bidding system already in place in Adwords."

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Richard Ball said...

Hi Ian,

I'm curious to see what QS they display for search keywords. Looks like there's a QS to determine minCPC and then another QS for ad rank. From this Google help page:

"For the search network, this placement is defined by your keyword’s Quality Score and maximum CPC bid. The Quality Score used in this case differs slightly from the keyword Quality Score used to determine your ad’s minimum CPC bid requirement."

Ian F. said...

Hi Rich,

Yes, it's certainly going to be interesting to see what's going on there. There'll also be a rush to find out what everyone else's score is so that people get a sense of what's a good score and what isn't! I see a whole new can of worms opening up.