Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Why Your AdWords Content Network Ads May Not Be Seen

There are several common reasons why your AdWords Content Network ads may not be getting any impressions.

I. Ad Rank

Your ad's position on content sites is based on its content bid and its past performance on those and similar sites. If you have not enabled content bids, your Ad Group's keyword-level maximum CPCs influence your ad position. Read more about pricing on the content network and learn how to increase your content bids.

II. Approval Status

Ads may run on Google immediately, but they will only run on sites in the Google Network after being reviewed. In addition, each time that you edit your ads, they are resubmitted for review.

III. Partner Requirements

Some sites in the Google Network may restrict advertising or keywords based on their own policies regarding content and editorial standards. These restrictions (not influenced by Google) may prevent your ad from showing on certain sites. Google is unable to disclose details about the guidelines of individual sites.

IV. Budget

If your ads qualify to show on the Google Network, you might see an increase in impressions and clicks. Make sure that you maximise your ads' visibility and get the exposure that you want by setting your budget to an adequate amount. Find the recommended daily budget for your campaign.

If you are using the Google Budget Optimizer(TM), you may need to adjust your target budget.